CPA and WPA Chairs respond to Government restrictions

The Chairs of both Associations under the London Property Alliance have issued statements in response to the latest restrictions aimed at curbing Covid-19 infection rates. We do not seek to comment on either the science or politics in the approach to tackling coronavirus, but on behalf of all our members wish to ensure policy makers are fully aware of the economic costs to central London. We have made various recommendations to Government including extending business rates relief for another 12 months, as well as targeted support for businesses in sectors which need most help whilst taking a more balanced approach to the issue of rental debt to prevent abuse of the system.

WPA Chair Olivia Harris said:

“It is right to prioritise health, yet nobody will welcome the imposition of new restrictions, least of all businesses in the centre of London and other cites which have borne the economic brunt of coronavirus. For places like Westminster the social and economic cost of long term strict rules of the type now in place are the same as that of repeated full scale lockdowns like that imposed at the height of the pandemic…

Read full WPA Chair comment here

CPA Chair Dan Scanlon said:

“The reversal in return to the office guidance will stall the capital’s recovery and be a significant setback to those businesses which have worked so hard to transform their workplaces and offerings to encourage employees and visitors back into London and other cities across the UK…

Read full CPA Chair comment here