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23 Sep

CPA and WPA Chairs respond to Government restrictions

The Chairs of both Associations under the London Property Alliance have issued statements in response to the latest restrictions aimed at curbing Covid-19 infection rates. We do not seek to comment on either the science or politics in the approach to tackling coronavirus, but on behalf of all our members wish to ensure policy makers are fully aware of the economic costs to central London.

1 Oct

Business Rates in Westminster

The first installment in the London Property Alliances’ Future of Cities series, this WPA webinar, in partnership with NWEC, will explore how business rates reform fits within the current political and economic landscape of the City of Westminster. Drawing on insights from Professor Tony Travers (London School of Economics), the webinar will also provide listeners with an overview of the wider issues faced by the West End and other city centres through Covid-19.

29 Sep

International Cities

This CPA webinar explores how international cities have adapted to the challenges of Covid-19 with panelists from Berlin, London, New York and Paris. The discussion looks at how different cities are responding to the virus in unique ways, where they are finding opportunities to improve the offering of their city, and how they are working to maintain their international economic and cultural significance.

16 Sep

Webinar: Rebuilding Central London

Watch a recording of this important London Property Alliance webinar with the leaders of the City of London Corporation and Westminster City Council on the rebuilding of their key business districts post-Covid-19.

London Property Alliance is the voice of Central London Real Estate representing 400 companies across the Capital

The London Property Alliance is the name for the combined campaigns and events of the Westminster Property Association (WPA) and City Property Association (CPA) on issues which impact Central London real estate sector. We are the collective voice of 400 members representing the leading owners, investors, developers and advisors to property in the City, West End and their neighbouring commercial districts.


We produce research and insight papers throughout the year. Our latest research piece, ‘Building Skills for the Future: A Survey of the Central London Real Estate Sector’, explores the skills needed to future-proof Central London’s real estate industry.

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