London Built Environment Industry Coalition: Letter to the future Mayor

05 May 2021

As a member of the London Built Environment Industry Coalition (LBEIC), London Property Alliance has signed a letter setting out key issues for the future Mayor of London to address.

Informed by discussions that took place at a Mayoral Hustings event organised by the coalition in March, the LBEIC has set out the following asks of London’s future Mayor:

  1. Tackle the crisis of housing supply, affordability and homelessness. Housing must be dealt with as a fundamental human right and this must be the focus of resourcing with all else supporting this common purpose.
  2. Adequately resourced planning services – both locally and within the Greater London Authority – to deliver essential placeshaping, utilising planning as a positive taskforce to engage communities and tackle place-based inequality, and to respond adequately to proposed government changes to the planning system.
  3. A commitment on the climate change emergency and Zero Carbon London by 2050, working with the construction sector to understand the skills required and devise an achievable roadmap towards this, including a speedier transition away from the motor vehicle to free up more space for pedestrians and cyclists.
  4. Championing the Central Activities Zone (CAZ) as the focus of London global brand, whilst supporting the concept of the 15/20-minute city and the development of mixed-use centres with all daily amenities within easy walking distance across Greater London.
  5. Collaboration beyond London, with National Government and with the wider South East and with other cities across the UK, to prioritise design and build quality in all planning, regeneration, streets and infrastructure decision-making, while supporting promotion of the capital as the UK’s key economic driver.

The LBEIC has 19 members representing key built environment professional bodies and over 100,000 people working across the industry – collectively they will deliver the strategies set out in the Mayor’s London Plan.

Read the full letter