Global Cities: A Focus on New York

17 Oct 2023

The London Property Alliance has launched a briefing paper focusing on how London’s closest partner city – and friendliest rival – New York, fares in terms of its real estate market, economic resilience, as well as profiles on its key placemaking and development projects.

The paper uses the latest Global Cities Survey (compiled for London Property Alliance by Centre for London), to compare how London and New York’s economic and social recovery since the pandemic; observations from a recent LPA and Opportunity London study trip to the US’s financial capital; along with expert analysis from Professor Tony Travers (LSE London) and the Alliance’s Chief Economic Advisor, Alexander Jan, exploring the differences between our planning and governance systems – and the impact these makes in commercial development in New York vs. London.

The research is supported by Berkeley Estate Asset Management, Brookfield, Camden High Line, DSDHA, EC Bid, JLL, London Heritage Quarter, Montagu Evans and Old Park Lane Management; and published in partnership with Opportunity London. 

Read the report here

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