London NextGen Perspective Survey

09 Dec 2021

Under the London Property Alliance banner, CPA and WPA NextGen groups have commissioned a new report which aims to understand the priorities London’s young workers to inform the placemaking and investment decisions of Central London’s property industry. Based on survey responses, the report will provide insights on the kind of places where young people want to work, play & live, so that the property sector can ensure buildings and workspaces meet the needs of young and future users.

The project will reflect on motivations of young people, the way they live, what kind of changes they are making in both their personal and professional lives, all of which directly affect the property industry.

We aim to survey a diverse, representative group of 2,000 people across industries and demographics using this digital survey tool by Built-ID.

You can read the website for the survey here and submit your thoughts to the survey below.

Fill out the survey here