London Property Alliance: Party Conference Engagement

17 Oct 2023

As part of our political engagement, the Alliance attended the Liberal Democrat, Conservative and Labour party conferences to meet with politicians about the key asks of our Retrofit First, Not Retrofit Only  research and how to deliver green growth in London and other major UK cities.

We began with the Liberal Democrat’s autumn gathering in Bournemouth to engage with politicians on how to support central London’s economic, environmental and social prosperity. We hosted a dinner on the theme of Sustainable Cities with Wera Hobhouse MP, the Lib Dem spokesperson for Environment, Climate & Transport and local government and business leaders: discussing how to achieve energy efficiency, Net Zero and green growth for London and the UK’s cities and major towns.

The Alliance attended Conservative conference in Manchester, meeting with Conservative politicians and attending the City of London dinner with the Investment Minister, Lord Johnson.

We then rounded off the season by engaging with Labour politicians and activists in Liverpool. During the labour conference we hosted a panel discussion on the fringe of Labour conference with Rachel Blake (Labour PPC for Cities of London & Westminster), Cllr Geoff Barraclough (Cabinet Member for Planning & Economic Development at Westminster City Council) and Shravan Joshi MBE (Chairman of Planning and Transportation Committee at the City of London Corporation). Cllr Barraclough used the event to announce Westminster City Council’s new retrofit first policy (£).

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