Response to Fire Safety London Plan Guidance Consultation

20 Jun 2022

London Property Alliance has responded to a consultation on the new draft Fire Safety London Plan guidance. In our response, the Alliance supported the Government and GLA’s ambitions to better our existing systems but voiced concern about the scope of the draft Fire Safety PLG, providing suggested amendments that would serve to improve its effectiveness.

“…we have significant concerns about the draft Fire Safety LPG. These relate to the details of its implementation, rather than the principle. We are concerned that as structured it would add a disproportionate burden to London’s planning system that it is ill-equipped to meet. As drafted, the guidance would require the submission of information related to fire for all planning applications in London, which would amount to thousands of applications. This would include for example minor alterations to shopfronts, small changes to listed buildings etc., which would introduce a regulatory cost entirely disproportionate to what London Plan Policy D12 suggests.

Read our full letter here