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Diversifying Real Estate Guidebook: Social Mobility


The fifth edition of our Diversifying Real Estate series focuses on social mobility. Class is often overlooked in efforts to improve diversity. It can be more complex and less visible than other demographic indictors, such as gender and race, but including people from a range of socio-economic backgrounds is vital if our industry is to reflect London’s diverse communities.

This guidebook addresses the key barriers to social mobility in property careers and suggests simple ways for organisations and individuals to implement positive change. Like the other guidebooks in the series, it features best practice examples, signposts to resources and reflects on personal experiences.

It has been informed through roundtables and other contributions from our members, social mobility experts and local government representatives including the City of London Corporation and Westminster City Council.

“A diverse team is good for business, and a socially diverse property industry will help create a more dynamic, resilient and fairer city with genuine opportunities for the communities that live on its doorsteps”

Stella Abani MBE, Director of Economy and Skills at Westminster City Council in her foreword for the guidebook.

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