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Diversifying Real Estate Guidebook: Disability

This guide aims to help individuals and organisations make Central London’s real estate sector more accessible and inclusive for people with disabilities with suggestions of way to improve representation and support at board, middle management and NextGen levels.

Focused on the topic of disability, this guide suggests how individuals and organisations can make central London’s built environment and workplaces more inclusive for people with disabilities of all forms. It provides best-practice case studies, suggestions for implementing positive changes at board, middle management and NextGen levels, and signposts helpful resources.

The guidebook has been informed by roundtables attended by CPA + WPA members, co-opted disability experts, and stakeholders from local and London government. It forms part of a series of booklets commissioned by CPA and WPA NextGen, produced by London Property Alliance, and supported by NextGen champion, Gardiner & Theobald.

Existing guides in the series explore themes of gender, race, and sexuality. Future guides will cover social mobility and faith. If you would like to contribute your ideas and insights on these topics, please email so that we can keep you informed of ways to get involved.

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