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Diversifying Real Estate Guidebook: Faith & Religion


An intrinsic and fundamental part of the daily life for many people, faith and religious-based practice is not often a part of the conversations that take place on workplace diversity.

This guidebook addresses the key barriers to how workplaces in the property industry can be more inclusive, with suggestions on how buildings and the public realm can be designed to better accommodate people of different faiths. It suggests simple ways for organisations and individuals to implement positive change, featuring best practice examples and signposting to resources.

This guidebook has been written with support from Priya Aggarwal-Shah (Founder and Director, PREACH Inclusion®); informed by a roundtable attended by CPA and WPA members and stakeholders of different faiths; with contributions and case studies from the wider sector.

In her foreword, Priya writes:

“The incorporation of religion and faith policies within the workplace is key to enabling people to be their true selves at work. It helps to create connections and break down barriers, ultimately, encouraging greater openness and psychological safety, the key measures of an inclusive culture.”

This publication has been made possible by our NextGen champion Gardiner & Theobald.

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